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Today, we are officially announcing the new $50 million Growth Fund for N3TWORK Scale Platform (NSP), focused on helping great games become huge businesses. The NSP growth fund will partner with 100 games over the next year, providing a partnership that scales.

This year, we started to test-drive our Pilot Fund with ten games. Of those tests, we are excited to welcome 99Games’ Star Chef 2 into the Growth Fund as an official N3TWORK-published game, with more to come!

NSP is a suite of tools and services that programmatically builds ad creatives, constructs ad campaigns, automates the optimization of those campaigns, and generates meaningful user segmentation and behavioral insights for 3rd-party app developers.

What is our Pilot Fund?

NSP’s $1M Pilot Fund is designed for game developers who lack the funds or expertise to fully capture their app’s potential or whose costs of acquiring quality users is too high to support a substantial marketing budget. The user acquisition tech, which we used to scale our first-party games Legendary: Game of Heroes and Tetris, is built to help with the latter, and our capital can help with the former. The tools combined with our expertise are now part of NSP — a technology platform that can close the LTV / CAC gap, and we are so convinced of its power and effectiveness that we are willing to put our money behind it on other developers’ apps.

The $1M Pilot Fund is a commitment from N3TWORK to spend $10,000 each for up to 100 partners in 2020, funding, without expectation of reimbursement, a substantial user acquisition test to assess whether a game can be scaled using NSP’s tools and expertise. The 4-week test program is designed to help us understand how far a certain product can be scaled and whether it has the potential to be successfully turned into a multi-million dollar venture.

What is our Growth Fund?

The apps from the Pilot Fund Program that demonstrate the ability to reach scale are offered a publishing agreement to become members of our $50M Growth Fund. This ability is evaluated based on the acquisition, retention and monetization metrics from the test period and NSP’s capability to positively inflect each one of these segments. If the synergistic effects are there, the end goal of the Growth Fund is to super-scale published apps and turn them into highly profitable app businesses. The best performing apps can unlock up to $1.5M in monthly spend if their metrics support these levels of marketing investment.

NSP Growth Fund welcomes its first member!

We’re proud to announce that Star Chef 2 has signed on as a partner for NSP.

99games’ Star Chef 2 is a super-engaging cooking and restaurant management game that blends players’ love for food with the beautiful art of cooking. Players run their own restaurants, cater to customers through an expanding menu of worldly cuisines, and build the restaurant of their dreams. Star Chef 2’s predecessor, Star Chef, generated more than $30M in lifetime billings, becoming one of the top cooking game apps on the market, so we’re excited to see how Star Chef 2 performs with NSP as its partner.

Become an NSP Partner

NSP’s goal is straightforward: to grow great apps into huge businesses by providing user acquisition technology, expertise, and capital.

Eventually, we plan to make our proprietary user acquisition technology available to all developers as a SaaS product: app developers will be able to interface with our Platform directly and use any or all of its features to grow their apps, in the model of an AWS for mobile user acquisition. We’re not there yet, but we’re happy to roll out NSP as a managed distribution service that utilizes those same products to reduce the cost, increase the yield, and maximize the efficiency of mobile user acquisition campaigns.

In seeing the way new monetization strategies such as subscriptions and fully ad-supported apps have shaken up the Top Grossing charts over the past two years, our belief is that massive businesses built on mobile will only continue to rapidly proliferate over the next decade. This is the reason we have invested so much energy into developing The Platform and why we have made it available to third-party developers through the NSP, and it’s why we’re excited to have ambitious developers with great apps that can use our tools and capital to build incredible businesses reach out to us via the NSP website.