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We’re proud to welcome Grand Cru Games and Roofdog Games as the latest partners to join N3TWORK Scale Platform (NSP) — a suite of tools, technologies and expertise that helps developers turn great games into huge businesses. As participants in our $1M Pilot Fund, Grand Cru Games’ Battlejack and Roofdog Games’ Pocket Mine 3 have successfully demonstrated the ability to reach scale with NSP and now have access to our $50M Growth Fund.

Grand Cru Games is the Finnish-based studio behind Battlejack, the only fantasy RPG with a unique blackjack-inspired card battle system. With a narrative based on Norse mythology, players engage in high-risk-high-reward card battles, collect hundreds of legendary heroes and restore the elemental balance to Midgard. Battlejack has a lot of the features that made Legendary Game of Heroes the success it is. During testing on NSP, we saw great KPIs with lots of promise, like D1RR (Day 1 Retention Rate) of more than 50%. Players interested in checking out Battlejack can download it now on Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

In Pocket Mine 3, the third installment in Roofdog Games’ series of addictive arcade-style games, players dig deep to explore new locations, unlock treasure chests, trigger stunning chain reactions, craft and equip powerful gear, collect and trade rare artifacts and so much more. We think Pocket Mine 3 is an awesome addition to the NSP Growth Fund, with some great early signs from the test like D14 ROI at nearly double our benchmarks. With NSP’s capital and UA tools, as well as our in-depth game design and economy knowledge, Pocket Mine 3 and the Pocket Mine franchise has a bright future. Players can download Pocket Mine 3 now on Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

NSP’s $1M Pilot Fund is designed for developers to tap into expert level marketing and user acquisition tools. The 4-week test program gauges how far a product can be scaled and its potential as a multi-million dollar venture based on acquisition, retention and monetization metrics. The apps from the Pilot Fund Program that demonstrate the ability to reach scale are offered a publishing agreement to become members of NSP’s $50M Growth Fund.

The apps from the Pilot Fund Program that demonstrate the ability to reach scale are offered a publishing agreement to become members of our $50M Growth Fund. This ability is evaluated based on the acquisition, retention and monetization metrics from the test period and NSP’s capability to positively inflect each one of these segments. If the synergistic effects are there, the end goal of the Growth Fund is to super-scale published apps and turn them into highly profitable app businesses. The best performing apps can unlock up to $1.5M in monthly spend if their metrics support these levels of marketing investment.