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We’re excited to announce Imba Games has joined N3TWORK Scale Platform’s growing list of talented developers. During the NSP Pilot Test,  I Am Hero delighted players and demonstrated strong engagement metrics in the growing idle RPG subcategory of the market. We are thrilled to welcome them as our first NSP partner of 2021.

Founded in 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City, Imba Games is the leading indie mobile games developer in Vietnam dedicated to bringing amazing, high quality gaming experiences to players worldwide. The team is composed of highly passionate and experienced game developers with experience working on games of all scales, from casual games to MMOs. In 2018, the studio was honored to participate in Google’s Indie Game accelerator program, enabling them to supercharge their growth on Android with support from the industry’s leading experts.

I Am Hero presents unique gameplay, featuring a combination of idle RPG elements with the tactics of auto chess teamfight. Their AFK game gives players the ability to build a powerful team that engages in auto fights even when players are away, creating an ever-evolving roster for players to strategize with and experience. 

During the testing phase, I Am Hero showed positive growth signals with strong payer conversion and organic appeal. The game performed especially well in Eastern markets, where N3TWORK has sharpened UA experience growing our own flagship game Legendary: Game of Heroes. Players can download I Am Hero on via the Google Play Store or the App Store now. 

We’re excited to have Imba Games join as the latest partner and our team looks forward to seeing how I Am Hero continues to grow with N3TWORK Scale Platform.