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NSP is pleased to announce that MeeWow Games and Supergaming have become the newest partners to join N3TWORK Scale Platform (NSP), a suite of tools, technologies and expertise that helps developers turn great games into huge businesses. As partners in our recently announced $1M Pilot Fund, MeeWow’s Tap Empire and Supergaming’s Lucky Star Solitaire have successfully demonstrated the ability to reach scale with NSP and now have access to NSP’s $50M Growth Fund.

“Since NSP announced our $1M Pilot Program and $50M Growth Fund, we’ve seen a lot of interest in NSP and are happy to add MeeWow and Supergaming to our growing list of partners in the first month,” said Dan Barnes, COO of N3TWORK. “NSP can help games grow quickly at scale, but it still takes a great game to make the magic work, and when we saw how well Tap Empire and Lucky Star Solitaire performed during our Pilot Program, we knew they’d be a great fit.”

MeeWow and Tap Empire

Founded in 2017, MeeWow Games takes a unique approach to game design, combining emotionally compelling gameplay from different genres to make engaging games that are fun for everyone. MeeWow’s talented three-person team is made up of CEO Ben Ahroni, a former producer at PopCap Games who oversaw the iOS launch of Plants vs Zombies, CTO Joe Trdinich and Visual Director Alex Madrigal.

“NSP has built their toolset in the same way we’ve built Tap Empire — to scale — by letting computers do what they do best in a reliable, automated, and efficient way with humans at the wheel,” said Ahroni. “Our ability to continue growing the universe of Tap Empire through new in-game features combined with N3TWORK’s ability to drive growth of the game’s player base means we’ve got the right team in place to do something great.”

In Tap Empire, players team up with a genius inventor and a bling-loving pig to build their business empire from a startup to a thriving business…to an inter-dimensional super megacorp! Combining the accessibility and automation of idle gameplay with a map progression model akin to a classic match-3 game, Tap Empire guarantees the player fast, stress-free progress, whenever they’re ready to play. There’s no restrictive energy system, and no unfair difficulty spikes — only nonstop progress on the path to building an epic business empire. Players tap, automate and use tactical boosts to maximize efficiency while earning bucket-loads of coins.

Supergaming and Lucky Star Solitaire

Supergaming was founded in 2019 on the belief that small, talented teams can do extraordinary things. With a diverse roster of games already available, including Lucky Star SolitaireFrenzy DenzyCharlie’s Puzzle and Evertile: Battle Arena, Supergaming has proven their ability to create appealing casual titles.

“We’ve built our studio on the idea that a small team of proven game makers can do incredible things,” said Pavel Agoshkov, founder of Supergaming. “What drew us to NSP is that it allows us to scale while keeping our internal team lean and efficient so that we can focus on making great games without sacrificing growth.”

Lucky Star Solitaire reimagines the timeless PC classic as a narrative-driven mobile game with beautiful HD graphics and animations, offering players an ideal way to train their brains, relax and have fun. In the game’s “Tri Peaks” style of Solitaire, the objective is to clear three peaks of cards — all dealt from one deck — that wrap around from King to Ace. Lucky Star Solitaire offers user-friendly features like the ability to revert incorrect moves and expedite story progression, and is optimized for portrait orientation so that it can always be played with just a single hand. Players can even spin a prize wheel to win fun in-game rewards, collect items inspired by their favorite celebrities from classic movies, participate in special missions and challenges, and compare their Solitaire prowess with others around the globe via online leaderboards!

NSP’s $1M Pilot Fund and $50M Growth Fund

NSP’s $1M Pilot Fund is designed for game developers who lack the funds or expertise to fully capture their app’s potential or whose costs of acquiring quality users is too high to support a substantial marketing budget. As part of the Pilot Fund, we’re committing to spend $10,000 each for up to 100 partners in 2020, funding, without expectation of reimbursement, a substantial user acquisition test to assess whether a game can be scaled using NSP’s tools and expertise. The 4-week test program is designed to help us understand how far a certain product can be scaled and whether it has the potential to be successfully turned into a multi-million dollar venture.

The apps from the Pilot Fund Program that demonstrate the ability to reach scale are offered a publishing agreement to become members of our $50M Growth Fund. This ability is evaluated based on the acquisition, retention and monetization metrics from the test period and NSP’s capability to positively inflect each one of these segments. If the synergistic effects are there, the end goal of the Growth Fund is to super-scale published apps and turn them into highly profitable app businesses. The best performing apps can unlock up to $1.5M in monthly spend if their metrics support these levels of marketing investment. For more information visit