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We’re pleased to announce developer Two Hands Games has joined the growing list of N3TWORK Scale Platform (NSP) partners after successfully scaling their mobile strategy title Champion Strike through our Pilot Fund Program. Two Hands Games can now tap into the $50M Growth Fund, along with NSP’s suite of tools, technologies and expertise that helps developers turn great games into huge businesses.

First established in 2015, Two Hands Games’ small team of talented developers is led by founder and CEO Jun-young Kim. During the Pilot Fund Program, their mobile strategy title Champion Strike showed excellent user retention and a unique take on the real-time PvP battler format popularized by games like Clash Royale. In Champion Strike, players can control their individual Champions in battle, adding a whole new level of strategy to the game. 

In Champion Strike, players compete 1v1 in real-time with players from all around the world using a custom deck of Champion cards. Daily missions challenge players to collect over 60 unique types of cards, along with rewards to collect new powerful Champions. With clans, Master and World League PvP Clash battles and friendly catches with friends and family, there’s a way for everyone to enjoy Champion Strike.

Overall, Champion Strike proved a successful partner for NSP through a combination of elements: access to our NSP platform and team expertise coupled with a strong product showed strong engagement and monetization metrics. When you add in an emphasis on long-term user retention and payer engagement, Champion Strike is the perfect addition to NSP.