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So you’ve decided to take the plunge and apply to be an NSP partner. Getting through the assessment process is simple. Here’s what to expect when you start your journey with us.

Whether you signed up through the NSP website or met with someone from our business development team, the next steps are the same for everyone.

Getting Integrated

Implementing our SDK is the first step. It currently supports just games built on Unity but we are working towards supporting other coding languages. Once the SDK is integrated, you’ll gain access to our data analytics portal, which will immediately provide you with key insights based on your game, such as:

  • Average transactions per paying user
  • Average revenue per transaction
  • Conversion to paying user, retention, and payer retention
  • Installs per thousand impressions
  • Cost per install

The metrics above inform our UA decisions, but the data comes from your game! We built the NSP Portal so you have transparency into game performance as we scale.

Using NSP

NSP is for more than surfacing existing data. It’s also able to automate media buying operations, provide predictive analytics and forecasts, as well as generate variations out of base creative assets. This is done with the help of proprietary software.

With machine learning, NSP is able to do the following:

  • Allocate, edit, or even pause ad campaign budgets
  • Use past performance data to compare individual game KPIs to:
  • Benchmark performance by genre
  • Forecast game LTV
  • Create multiple variations of best performing creative concepts by making small and informed changes to the original

When put together, all of the above reduce operational friction, and that almost always ensures better performance.


When your trial with NSP concludes, our team will walk you through how your game has performed. A quick way to see if you qualify for partnership is to check if your game, based on NSP data projection, will be able to pay back UA investment in 180 days or less.