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From the moment we first played Zeeppo’s Chaos Road, we were in love.

Here at the N3TWORK Scale Platform, we are always on the lookout for games with incredible potential to reach an even larger audience and delight players around the world by tapping into our marketing expertise, technology, and marketing dollars. With its pick-up-and-play simplicity, funky soundtrack, great visuals, and fulfilling progression depth, Chaos Road quickly won us over with its strong Spy Hunter vibes.

Before applying to the NSP program, Chaos Road was able to generate an incredible 5 million organic downloads due to its exciting, action packed gameplay and natural appeal. However, these players were not making a lot of money for Zeeppo, with the average revenue per daily player well below the benchmarks set by similar casual games. The NSP team’s challenge was to both grow the size of the audience and the amount of revenue each player generated – and this challenge was met thanks to our strong partnership with the talented team at Zeeppo. The N3TWORK Scale Platform was able to increase Chaos Road’s ARPDAU from .02 to .1 and weekly revenue by 16x in just our first three months of working together, all the while scaling the game at sub-90 day payback windows.

Spotting the diamond in the rough

When a game developer first comes to the N3TWORK Scale Platform, we begin with a round of expert evaluation with our team of experienced game product managers and marketers to subjectively assess its potential. If we think a game has what it takes to grow, we then spend up to $10,000 in a marketing test to see if our instincts about the game are correct. With Chaos Road, we saw strong results in Cost Per Installs (CPI) and the number of these installed players we were able to convert into payers, as well as massive opportunities to leverage NSP expertise to achieve overall growth.

From Chaos Road’s test results, we knew we could run UA to bring in more players from the US, UK, Canada, and other countries where the players are more valuable to advertisers as they tend to spend more. These higher quality players would help increase the IAP revenue, and from there, we could then increase the revenue generated from serving video ads and playables to players.

User quality matters

Chaos Road began its NSP journey with a meaningful player base of tens of thousands of players hitting the streets every day. Yet the daily revenue generated was negligible. A big driver of this was user quality: these players were coming from regions that advertisers don’t value. The NSP team was challenged with finding higher quality players while keeping CPIs down.

Data: Nov 5 2020 to Feb 23 2021

Note: on Dec 18 2020, Chaos Road was featured by Google

Given the casual nature of Chaos Road, we quickly realized that we had to look outside the usual channels of Facebook and Google, where the cost of advertising to these high quality players would be difficult to control as we increased the number of players we were reaching. Upon signing Chaos Road to NSP, we immediately started experimenting with different Rewarded Video networks. Thanks to the proprietary ML-based ad buying platform technology that underpins NSP and our team of highly-experienced marketers, our constant testing and iteration with Rewarded Video ads have driven more players in the US, UK, Canada, and other high quality countries at low cost.

Thanks to this technology and expertise, we’ve lowered Chaos Road’s CPI by 10% even as we’ve increased our daily ad spend by 6x. Our daily install volume has grown about 3x in the past two months along with revenues, which is in large part thanks to the higher quality players NSP drove into Chaos Road.

Turbocharging revenue

Bringing higher quality players into the game allowed us to surmount another immediate challenge – scaling revenue. Chaos Road revenue improved significantly – by 16x – thanks to the high quality install base driven by NSP. There were no metagame changes, liveops improvements, or any overhaul of the game economy. Simply improving the quality of players coming into the software was enough to turbocharge revenue.

Given the game’s organic appeal and user base, we also recognized the opportunity to optimize ad revenue, which saw a 13x revenue increase in the first three months of our partnership. In addition to bringing in the types of players that advertisers spend more money to reach, we also worked with Zeeppo to implement a new, non-intrusive rewarded ad placement in the core loop. Behind the scenes, we added more advertisers to the software and improved the bidding logic so that different potential advertisers had to bid more aggressively to put their ads in front of Chaos Road players. These improvements have combined to massively grow Chaos Road’s weekly advertising revenue.

Next steps

Using the tactics described in this article, the N3TWORK Scale Platform was able to increase Chaos Road’s weekly revenue by an incredible 16x in just three short months. And we’re just getting started. Given the incredible success to-date of Chaos Road, we’re on track to significantly scale up our spend this year in promoting the game. We will continue testing new ads, bringing more players to the game, and growing the DAU base, while working with Zeepo to help implement other F2P best practices to delight players and bring more longevity and monetization depth to the software.

Chaos Road is off to a great start, but there are many ways we can put even more smiles on players’ faces and continue to grow the game’s revenue. NSP has clearly found a diamond in the rough and we’re excited to work with our incredible partner to get the game in the hands of millions of new players.

It's been wonderful to work with NSP, they are transparent and have been crucial to several improvements which resulted in positive and real numbers in the evolution of the Chaos Road game. By partnering with NSP, we were able to 16x ROI within 3 months!

Fernando SchwederskyCEO, Zeeppo - Developer of Chaos Road

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