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A/B Testing

A/B Testing is a popular and reliable tactic used by game developers and mobile game publishers that involves conducting a controlled test and strategic comparison between two or more versions of something in-game to determine which is delivering the best results. A/B Testing involves segmenting users into two categories – control group and variants.

Control group is served the default version of the game, whereas the variants are served alternate experiences. After a set time period, the results of all the groups are compared against metrics/goals to establish the strongest performer.

This strategy allows mobile game developers roll out the best version of their games and gain insights into the impact of changes related to monetization, design, functionality, UA strategy and more. Utilizing A/B testing helps mobile game developers continuously:

  • Test and add numerous features to the game
  • Optimize UA Strategy and monetization setup
  • Drive consistent revenue growth
  • Attract valuable users