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N3TWORK Technology

A Monetization User Acquisition Scale Publishing Performance Marketing Data + Insights Platform for Game Makers, by Game Makers

Manage and automate your game’s business with the most powerful suite of tools in mobile games.

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Programmatic UA

Serving the most impactful ads to the most effective ad networks. Optimizing budgets and maximizing retention, performance, and your game’s LTV.

Player Segmentation

Aggregates player subgroups with hyper-targeting capabilities. Apply different offers, events, personalized notifications, and pop-ups for lasting engagement.

Creative Studio

Programmatic creative solutions that combat ad fatigue and get your game noticed.

Business Forecasting

Modeling tools that forecast game revenue, predicted with a high level of accuracy.

Data & Insights

Actionable insights to help improve the ROI and LTV of your game.

N3TWORK of Experts

A team of experts at your fingertips to guide, advise, and ensure results for your game.


Experienced UA and performance marketing specialists that isolate key motivations why users play, pay, and stay in your game.


Talented monetization strategists that optimize ad network mediation, waterfalls, and UA synchronization.

Data &

Data scientists, behavioral economics analysts, and game specialists that provide expert insights that improve your game.


F2P economy design, pricing strategies, and revenue optimizing recommendations to make your game more profitable.

Featuring +
Strategic Partnerships

Experts in organic conversions. Support with App-store relations and feature-led placements.

UA Funding

We front the risk by using N3TWORK capital to acquire users for your game.

Apply for a free UA trial, we run the test up to $10k, you keep the users and revenue.

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Success Stories

Who We’ve Helped

“N3TWORK’s technology is simply delightful. The Portal hub has become our new secret weapon - our new dashboard for daily decision-making. We were pleasantly surprised how seamless the SDK was to integrate.”

OUTLOU:DDeveloper of Idle Inn Tycoon

“It's been wonderful to work with N3TWORK, they are transparent and have been crucial to several improvements which resulted in positive and real numbers in the evolution of the Chaos Road game. By partnering with them, we were able to 16x ROI within 3 months!”

ZeeppoDeveloper of Chaos Road

“The team at N3TWORK provided us with professional consultancy and recommendations on every part of the game business! The NSP platform and its Portal dashboard is easy to use as well! We knew we had made a great game. Once we found our ideal go-to-market partner in N3TWORK, Champion Strike, N3TWORK drove 324% increase in IAP Revenue within the first 3 months of publishing, and 211% increase in MDAU.”

Two Hands GamesDeveloper of Champion Strike

“The team helped us to integrate the SDK easily and within 48 hours we were running automated UA tests and learning what worked and what didn't!”

99 GamesDeveloper of Star Chef 2

“N3TWORK listens and nurtures instead of controls. We feel like we are on the same team, trying to achieve the same goal.”

Goathamster StudiosDeveloper of Idle Necromancer

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Have a general Inquiry?
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Interested in joining N3TWORK? Visit our Careers

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